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$\uppi$-Extended and Curved Antiaromatic Polycyclic Hydrocarbons


Junzhi Liu, Ji Ma, Ke Zhang, Prince Ravat, Peter Machata, Stanislav Avdoshenko, Felix Hennersdorf, Hartmut Komber, Wojciech Pisula, Jan J. Weigand, Alexey A. Popov, Reinhard Berger, Klaus Müllen, Xinliang Feng, "$\uppi$-Extended and Curved Antiaromatic Polycyclic Hydrocarbons", In Journal of the American Chemical Society, American Chemical Society (ACS), vol. 139, no. 22, pp. 7513–7521, May 2017. [doi]


doi = {10.1021/jacs.7b01619},
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title = {$\uppi$-Extended and Curved Antiaromatic Polycyclic Hydrocarbons},
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