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Hexa-peri-benzocoronene with two extra K-regions in an ortho-configuration


Tim Dumslaff, Yanwei Gu, Giuseppe M. Paternò, Zijie Qiu, Ali Maghsoumi, Matteo Tommasini, Xinliang Feng, Francesco Scotognella, Akimitsu Narita, Klaus Müllen, "Hexa-peri-benzocoronene with two extra K-regions in an ortho-configuration", In Chemical Science, Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), 2020. [doi]


doi = {10.1039/d0sc04649c},
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year = 2020,
publisher = {Royal Society of Chemistry ({RSC})},
author = {Tim Dumslaff and Yanwei Gu and Giuseppe M. Patern{\`{o}} and Zijie Qiu and Ali Maghsoumi and Matteo Tommasini and Xinliang Feng and Francesco Scotognella and Akimitsu Narita and Klaus Müllen},
title = {Hexa-peri-benzocoronene with two extra K-regions in an ortho-configuration},
journal = {Chemical Science}


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