Acronym Project Speaker Begin End Funding Body
OrganoMorph Kontrolle über die Morphologie Organischer Materialien auf der Nanometerskala Prof. Karl Leo 2020/01 2022/12 ESF
ReLearning Selbstlernende und flexible Elektronik durch inhärente Bauelement-Rekonfiguration Prof. Thomas Mikolajick 2020/03 2022/02 ESF
cfaed Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden Prof. Gerhard Fettweis 2012/11 2019/10 DFG
GRAPHD Graphen-Zentrum Dresden Prof. Xinliang Feng 2016/07 2019/12 ESF
CoSiMa Computer-Simulationen für das Materialdesign Prof. Gianaurelio Cuniberti 2015/09 2018/12 ESF
ChemIT ChemIT Prof. Andreas Richter 2012/01 2015/12 ESF
MindNano MindNano Prof. Michael Mertig 2012/01 2015/12 ESF
SREX Secure Remote EXecution Prof. Christof Fetzer 2012/05 2015/12 ESF
IMData IMData Prof. Hermann Härtig 2012/01 2015/12 ESF
Twinlab 3DCSI/ATTO3D-Twinlab Prof. Karlheinz Bock, Prof. Gerhard Fettweis 2012/01 2018/12 ESF
ForLab Forschungslabore Mikroelektronik Deutschland Prof. Thomas Mikolajick 2019/01 2022/11 BMBF
DCST Dresden Center for Semiconductor Technology Prof. Thomas Mikolajick 2019/01 2022/11 BMBF
RTG2767 Supracolloidal Structures: From materials to optical and electronic devices Prof. Andreas Fery 2022/04 2026/09 DFG
SPES3 Black phosphorus in sensitive, selective, and stable sensors Dr. Artur Erbe 2019/10 2023/09 BMBF
IMPRS-CPQM Correlation of Berry phase transport with the topological magnetic textures in Heusler compounds: From the bulk to the thin-film limit Dr. Bernd Rellinghaus; Dr. Chandra Shekter; Dr. Jacob Gayles; Dr. Daniel Wolf 2020/01 2023/12 Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (MPG)
--- DFG Forschungsgroßgeräte Dr. Bernd Rellinghaus 2017/01 2022/12 DFG
SPP 2137 Topological Spin Phenomena in Real-Space for Applications - Subproject: 3D quantification of Skyrmion properties in device-related structures Dr. Axel Lubk, Dr. Bernd Rellinghaus 2018/01 2021/12 DFG
SPP 2137 Topological Spin Phenomena in Real-Space for Applications - Subproject: Magnetotransport at Work: In-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy of Topological Spin Solitons Dr. Bernd Rellinghaus, Dr. Andy Thomas 2021/01 2024/12 DFG
Vortex-EMCD Atomically resolved EMCD on ferrimagnets measured with electron vortex beams Dr. Darius Pohl 2022/01 2025/12 DFG
SECAI School of Excellence in Embedded Composite Artificial Intelligence (SECAI) Prof. Markus Krötzsch 2022/07 2027/12 DAAD