Nobel Prize Laureate Konstantin S. Novoselov FRS To Visit cfaed

Graphene: The "Wonder Material” of Our Century

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On September 16, Professor Konstantin S. Novoselov FRS holds his Nobel Lecture “Graphene: Materials in the Flatland” at TU Dresden. The talk will take place within cfaed's "Distinguished Lecture Series" which invites top tier guests to come to Dresden.

Sir Konstantin Novoselov was distinguished by the Nobel Committee for Physics “for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene”.

Thinner than paper, lighter than a feather, stronger than steel and better at conducting both electricity and heat than copper: graphene has been called as “the new wonder material of the 21st century”. Graphene consists of a layer of carbon atoms that are bonded together in a hexagonal pattern and form the graphite, commonly found in pencils. The material can be utilized in numerous disciplines.

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INSPIRE Grant Report by Dr. Violetta Sessi - RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center, Kobe, Japan

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cfaed researcher Dr. Violetta Sessi, postdoc at the Chair of Nanoelectronic Materials / Prof. Thomas Mikolajick, was awarded an cfaed INSPIRE Grant within the 03/2015 call. She spent 5 weeks in the group of Dr. Urs Frey (Frey Initiative Research Unit) at the RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center in Kobe, Japan. The stay was funded together with the Graduate Academy Dresden. The project, in collaboration with the group of Prof. Andreas Hierlemann at ETH Zürich, focused on the integration of silicon nanowire transistors in CMOS circuits, a topic of large interest at cfaed's Silicon Nanowire Research Path. First research outcomes will be shown at the MicroTAS 2016 Conference, 9-13 October 2016, Dublin, Ireland.

A special thanks goes to Dr. Florent Seichepine, now at Imperial College London.

Out Now: Interim Report 2012-2016 of cfaed Is Published!

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cfaed Interim Report at the beach
Report in holidays... :-)

We are very pleased to announce that the cfaed Interim Report 2012-2016 is now available! It describes exemplary cfaed results and achievements of the first half of the current funding period (11/2012-10/2017). The visionary approach of our scientists, their dedication and scientific curiosity strengthens our Cluster and the visibility of our work. We invite you to glace through the Interim Report and read about our scientific achievements.

Enjoy the read!

cfaed Interim Report 2012-2016

  • Download (PDF, 30 MB)
  • Hardcopies available at: Program Office, Würzburger Str. 46, 01187 Dresden
  • Order your personal copy via mailing:

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10th Anniversary of NaMLab! Happy Birthday to our Cooperating Institute!

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Prof. Thomas Mikolajick at the rooftop of NaMLab building
Prof. Thomas Mikolajick at the rooftop of NaMLab building

See the press release of the Saxon State Ministry for Sciences and Arts (SMWK):

Wissenschaftsministerin Dr. Eva-Maria Stange hat beim heutigen Festakt der Nanoelectronic Materials Laboratory gGmbH (NaMLab), ein An-Institut der TU Dresden, zum 10-jährigen Bestehen gratuliert.

Dr. Stange: „Seit zehn Jahren forschen die Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler im NaMLab an dem, was die Mikroelektronik im Kern ausmacht: dem Herzen der Mikroelektronik, dem ,Schalter‘ und dem ,Speicher‘, besonders hinsichtlich der Parameter Leistungsfähigkeit und Energieeffizienz. Dies gibt es so in ganz Europa nur an wenigen anderen Stellen. Kooperationen mit Korea und den USA stellen sicher, dass die Forscher international den Anschluss nicht verpassen und weiter vorne mit dabei sind. Gut besuchte Konferenzen, Zitationen und Forschungsnachwuchs aus allen Teilen der Welt zeugen von der erreichten wissenschaftlichen Anerkennung, während sich die industrielle Relevanz an den engen Kooperationen beispielsweise mit GLOBALFOUNDRIES und Freiberger Compound Materials zeigt.“

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Have You Already Seen Our First Video Portrait? :-)

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On 1 July 2016, Markus Krötzsch commenced his position as Chair of Knowledge-Based Systems at the Cluster of Excellence cfaed / TU Dresden. This Chair is the first of cfaed’s Open Topic Professorships, which are intended to keep rising stars in Dresden or to win international talents.

We took the opportunity to produce cfaed's first video portrait - enjoy! (And sorry for the audio quality..)